Auxiliary to NDA

The Auxiliary to the National Dental Association (ANDA)

The Auxiliary to the National Dental Association (ANDA) is comprised of spouses of dental professionals. Our organization serves as a supportive group to family members and friends of the National Dental Association (NDA), ANDA, and affiliated NDA organizations.  ANDA embraces the NDA’s mission of service to the community, dental student education and scholarships. As ANDA members, we meet throughout the year via teleconferences to execute our business for national-level meetings at the Annual NDA Convention.  Our Membership and Executive Board Meetings are held annually at the NDA conventions.

It is a pleasure to be elected as ANDA’s President for a second two- year term, 2015 – 2017.  Our leadership and convention planning teams are busy at work planning for the upcoming next National Dental Association Convention, Atlanta, GA.

Over the next two years, ANDA will continue to focus its attention on building collaborative alliances and leveraging partnerships in support of our emphasis areas:

  • Communication/Educational Outreach,g. marketing to attract new members with emphasis on spouses married to female dentists, and dental care/educational awareness.
  • Partnerships/Relationships, e.g. leveraging partners’ resources, and access to community service activities, and financially supporting dental students via scholarships.
  • ANDA Branding,g.  Improving visibility and showcasing its value proposition in support of NDA families  and continued support of community service outreach projects.

Our collective and collaborative efforts will go a long way in advancing the mission of NDA by engaging our affiliate organizations and their members as well as promoting noteworthy community service projects.  Let’s collectively cultivate our partnerships in ways that have lasting “positive” impacts on our families, especially our children’s future career endeavors during their academic matriculation.

On behalf of ANDA, I invite you to visit our new and improved website at for more information—i.e. how you can get engaged with us and relevant information for the upcoming convention planning.



Lenora Peters Grant, Ph.D.

President, ANDA


Contact Person:

Glenna Livingston, ANDA Vice President

2016 National Dental Convention Chairperson

ANDA Communications